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Pircy is a small patch to sirc and a collection of sirc scripts that gives sirc a GNOME GUI. Unlike other sirc GUI front-ends, Pircy is written entirely in perl and runs in the very same program space as the rest of sirc. That means that normal sirc scripts can interact with and override the Pircy GUI. Since the scripting engine in Pircy is a part of the client itself, sirc scripts can take advantage of the full power of Perl and are much less limited than most scriptable IRC clients.


Everybody loves screenshots!
[ screenshot ] The main chat window from Pircy 0.0.1. Currently, each channel occupies its own window, but eventually Pircy will support tabbed and paned windows.
[ screenshot ] A separate query window, also from Pircy 0.0.1. Private messages normally go to the currently focused window, but you can alternatively direct conversations to a separate query window, as shown here.


The latest released version of Pircy is available from this page.
For those of you who like living on the bleeding edge, you can grab a snapshot from CVS.
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